Current Updates Due to Delays

*** NOTICE***

Many models have been coming in and being shipped out or we are receiving vehicles in that are very similar to the vehicles that people have been waiting for and have been calling these customers to see if they would like to switch to the other units.  We are having a lot of issues with customers not answering their phones for us and also the shipping companies trying to schedule deliveries of their vehicles.   Please make sure to answer your phones or return our calls when we reach out, as we are trying to process orders as quickly and efficiently as we can as they sell out most of the time within minutes and then customers will then have to continue to keep waiting for the next container that arrives. 

Unfortunately due to COVID 19, manufacturers are backed up on production and the warehouses and Wholesale ATV are delayed with fulfilling orders as well. Processing time is now anywhere from 2 weeks up to 3 or so months depending on the model chosen.


Here is a list of what we know right now for products coming in and shipping out. We are and have been shipping out several hundred orders a week. Please be patient as we can only fill them as the containers arrive and are allocated to each dealer nationwide, then they are allocated to customers orders in line and there are several thousand orders dating all the way back to April depending on the model that we are currently filling.


*Tao Tao -  Many units have started coming in and we are only allocated a few at a time but we are constantly working through the lists on those and we are getting through the line fairly quickly on those. Tao Adult go karts will not be arriving again until 2021. We have heard that the Rhino 250s and Raptor 200s are coming any day but have not been contacted that they are ready to ship as of yet.

* Dongfang Units we still have no direct ETA on any products should be end of month or September.

*Apollo Dirt Bikes have started arriving and we are currently working through the lists and getting them shipped out in the orders placed. Apollo atvs are arriving soon.

*Vitacci units are starting to arrive. . Vitacci scooters should be arriving the end of the month or September.

*Holeshots we are working on shipping out another 200 between this week and next.

*Icebear Scooters we have been shipping many of the models in the order received except for 50cc's they have not yet arrived to ship. .

Trailmaster - Units are starting to arrive but we will not be taking anymore go kart or scooter orders for Trailmaster for the remainder of the year.

ACE - Ace vehicles have been continuing to arrive and are being filled in the order received.

Bennche - inventory changes by the minute, except for the MB200's which are currently in stock, please call to check status of inventory on those specific units.

If you have any further questions regarding your order please email



Thank you,
Wholesale ATV Team