Shipping Policy

*** You will receive a tracking number prior to your vehicle shipping, this tracking number will generate when the unit is picked up by the carrier and the trailer doors close on the semi trailer and it is on its way to you.  If you are having your vehicle assembled this process will 7 to 14 days from date of order to receive, depending on where you live.

We use major freight lines to deliver your unit to you. They have terminals all over the country. Once the product reaches the terminal, the freight company will call you to set up a delivery time and date with you. Please make sure that you answer your phone for the shipping company though because they will not deliver your vehicle without contacting you first to schedule delivery. We will also email you the tracking numbers and a link to the freight carrier's website once it leaves our warehouse, this way you can track your shipment via the freight company's website. If your tracking number does not work as soon as you receive it, do not worry.  You receive the tracking number as soon as the shipment is scheduled for pick up.  The tracking will show up as soon as the freight trailer doors close and your shipment is on the road and on its way to your door. Our products are shipped with lift gate service, so it can be unloaded easily down to ground level from the back of the truck and to your home.

Now do remember that these crates are delivered by big trucks, so if you live in  out in the middle of nowhere and the driver does not feel comfortable getting his big semi to your house or it’s just not a smart idea or plain impossible, or if your vehicle is too large for the semi truck lift gate and you do not have an additional way to unload the vehicle (i.e. a forklift)  then you might have to either meet them somewhere or you may have to pick it up from the terminal. There are no discounts or refunds in shipping if you have to meet them or pick up from terminal. 

  Usually the freight companies are very good about setting up home delivery within 1 to 2 days of it arriving at the terminal in most areas, but once again, if you live in a very small town or out in the middle of nowhere then they might only have home deliveries once or twice a week. So you might have to wait a little while longer to get your cool stuff, (or you can pick up from their terminal) but I guess that's the price you have to pay for "Getting Away From It All."

Any other shipping questions you may have may be found on our FAQ section.

So that's it. If you have any more shipping questions, then just shoot us an email or give us a call.


- Wholesale ATV