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Icebear FUERZA (PMZ125-1) - 125cc Pocket Bike

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The Icebear Fuerza 125cc is the perfect super pocket bike. Awarded for its sleek look and drive, the Fuerza 125cc will keep you satisfied. The Fuerza Icebear has design differentiation. With its all new sleek design for 2018, this super pocket bike will leave you speechless. Pleasure and style is the motivation of this bike. 4-speed sport manual clutch will have you enjoying the ride with a little kick to it. The PMZ125-1 is street legal in the USA.  (Except California)


Engine 125cc, LC152FMI, Loncin
Transmission 4 speeds manual
Drive type Chain
Belt and/or chain size Chain: 428H 116L
Starter System Elec start
Fuel system Gasoline, 2.64gal, carbureted
Brakes (Front/Rear) Disc/Disc
Tire size(Front/Rear) 120/70-12 ; 130/70-12
Wheel size and type(Front/Rear) 12, Aluminum
Oil capacity and type (in liters) 0.8L, Air cooled motorcycle oil with clutch additive
Gear oil type and capacity( in liters) N/A
Battery 12V/7A
Lights Turn Lights are Led. Headlight and tail light are standard
Suspension(Front/Rear) Dual Telescopic Forks / Dual Shock
Dimensions(in inches) Assembled(LxWxH): 73.2x27.9x41.3, Crated(LxWxH): 63.7x21.6x32.3, Seat height: 28.3, Wheelbase: 52.3
Weight 265 lbs
Weight capacity 198.4 lbs
Ground clearance (in inches) 5.9
Assembly required Front wheel, front fender, handlebars, mirrors, clutch lever, battery
Special features Include: digital speedometer, horn, odometer, mirrors
EPA approved EPA Approve

Customer Reviews

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Andrew M
It’s what you expect for a Grom Clone

First of I will say that the bike is super fun and reliable (at least for the 100 miles that I have put on it). However there is definitely some quality control issues with these bikes. For instance, my bike received damages during shipment. The box looked like it had been dropped of a truck. The motorcycle was dislodge from the shipping container but only suffered minor scratches in the fairings from the metal cage around the bike. I would have filed a claim if more was done but it’s the bike is black so it’s easy to touch up. Lastly, I highly recommend going through your bike every but and bolt as mine had loose bolts on the motor mounts and rear shock ( not even hand tight on either), one bolt on the coil, lights didn’t work due to a connector issue (plastic lock clip was broken) behind the headlight, and clutch lever bent (maybe due to transit so I can’t blame quality on that. Easily bent back and is good enough). All in all I am super happy. Personally I would have been disappointed if I spent the money on a Grom but for what you pay here these bike are well worth it (just go through them thoroughly). In my perspective, me and two friends each bought one at the same time and quality levels were all over the board. One had minor scratches and damages during shipment but all bolts were tight. The others was perfect quality due to shipping but had a bad stator out the box. All in all it’s what I expected for the price. Not a Grom but also not the price.

As for the title process. It seems like mail is only picked up once a week so allow at least a week before you receive your paperwork.

In conclusion, I would recommend to a friend but would include the info about checking it before you ride.