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Vitacci GTO 250 Adult Motorcycle 250cc Scooter

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GTO 250cc full-size motorcycle is here! Backed up with a 2-Cylinder 250cc 5-Speed manual transmission it has a top speed of 100MPH. YES, we said 100MPH! The GTO performs exactly as a 350cc, there is a reason this is the F1 Edition! Not only is it fast, it's stylish as well with the black rims and colourful paint jobs to match! Sporty black handle bars really stand out beside the all-black frame and the leather stitched seats add the final touches to the motorcycle. This is a full-size motorcycle with EFI technology! No need to use a choke, the Vitacci GTO 250 is fuel-injected.
Fully Street Legal in 48 states, excluding California! The Vitacci GTO is EPA, and DOT (Department of Transportation) and FMVSS approved and really fuel efficient. It does 65 miles per gallon and is water cooled! The in dash display shows your speed, RPM, gears, signal lights, and the amount of fuel you have left. The Venom GTO is capable of holding two riders.


Model GTO  
Complete Vehicle Length * width * height             mm 2080*790*1100
Wheelbase                         mm  1410 mm
Cerb weight                         kg  165 kg
Rated load                          kg  150 kg
Max. speed                      km/h  140 km/h
Brake type  Front / Rear   Dual Disc / Disc 
Brake Operating  Front / Rear   Manual / Foot Brake 
Wheel Rim  Front / Rear  Aluminum wheel
Tyre size  Front / Rear   110/70-17  150/70-17
Engine Engine Model No.  YY262MP
Make                                                           Yongfu  
Identification / Type  2 cylinder, 4 stroke, Water cooling
Manufacturer  Sanmen County Yongfu Machine Co. LTD
Bore × Stroke                      mm  62 mm × 53mm 
Compression Ratio  10.5 :1 
Rated Power               kW/(r/min)  15kw/7500 rpm 
Max. Power                kW/(r/min)  17.5kw /7500 rpm  (24hp)
Max. Torque             N · m/(r/min)  24.7 N.m /6000 rpm
Mini. Idle Speed                  r/min  1300 ± 100 rpm
Mini. Fuel Consumption      (l/100km) 3.58  L/100km
Fuel Type  RQ-93 
Lubrication  Forced lubrication 
Lubricant Type  SJ 15W/40 
Clutch Type  Oil-bathing multi-plate clutch 
Starting  Electric start 
Ignition  ECU 
Parts Horn Type  DC(direct current) 
Spark Plug  CR6 or CR7 
Radio Interference Suppression  Screened + Impedance 
Pollution Control Description  Catalytic converter+Canister
Speedometer Type  LCD
Headlight Type  One light, Sealed headlight 
Transmission Ratio Primary: 3.632 Terminal: 2.256 Successive transmission ratio  /
I^:2.846  ^:1.778  ^:1.333  ^:1.083  ^:0.913  ^  /

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