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Trailmaster Taurus 200U Adult 200cc UTV

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The Taurus 200U utility side by side is equipped with a 9.5 HP air and oil cooled high performance 177cc GY6 engine with internal reverse set up. It comes standard with a High/Low gear. The low gear mode has a 40% better climbing ability than the non H/L version and can climb 30 degree slopes with ease. The Taurus 200 has significantly greater torque than the non H/L gear machines and is equipped with 4 wheel independent suspension for optimal driving.

 Best of all, this model comes with a 220lb capacity utility dump bed.

Includes: (2) Keys, Factory Documentation,  & 1 year Warranty

Colors: Red, White, Blue, Black Carbon, and Tree Camo


Optional: Folded windshield - $249

Optional: 24” LED light bar -  $149

Optional: 2000 lbs Winch  $149


The following parts are covered under warranty, along with their warranted period:


Covered Parts                                                                        Covered Period
FRAME:                                                                                         1 year
ENGINE:                                                                                        1 year
CARBURETOR:                                                                             90 days
MUFFLER:                                                                                     90 days
A-ARM, STRUTS, AXLES:                                                            90 days
ELECTRONICS:                                                                            90 days
BATTERY:                                                                                     30 days
SPEEDOMETER:                                                                          30 days
TIRES & WHEELS:                                                                       30 days
BRAKES:                                                                                       30 days
CLUTCH & TAV, CHAIN                                                               30 days
CABLES                                                                                        30 days


Features & Specifications:

  • Equipped with H/L gear, low gear mode has 40% better climbing ability than the non H/L version & can climb up to 30 degree slopes with ease.
  • Air and oil cooled high performance 177.3 cc GY6 engine with internal reverse set up, with rear shaft direct drive, more reliable power transmission, higher transmission efficiency;
  • Four-wheel independent suspension for much better driving experience
  • Heavy duty frame, net weight 880 lbs, max load 800 lbs 
  • Digital speedometer/odometer
  • LED Hi/Lo beam head light
  • Rear view side mirrors
  • Sporting steering wheel
  • Turn signals
  • Safety harness seatbelt
  • Big dual purpose tires: F / R: 24 x 8-12 / 24 x 8-12
  • Polished aluminum wheels
  • Hard top
  • Adjustable heavy duty front and rear shock absorber
  • Rack and pinion steering wheel
  • Front and rear hydraulic disc brake
  • Large gas tank
  • Horn

 ****Fully Assembled Vehicles may not be able to fit on lift gate and may have to be picked up at your local shipping terminal.


*Prices Do Not Reflect Tax, or Title Fees.  Pictures Reflect what each model generally looks like but May Not be Exact. MAP PRICING

Customer Reviews

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Robert Wray
Fine machine...lousy assembly instructions

Been putting things together for 80 years and this assembly was by far the most difficult due to the worst, most amateurish set of instructions I've ever seen First of all, they were on little scraps of paper that required a magnifying glass to make out details. One scrap just listed some bolts with no indication where they should go. Others were so vague they were useless. I ran out of some bolts and had a bunch of little tiny ones that seem to go nowhere. I had to go on the internet and look for photos of the Taurus to figure out where some of the parts went. There are two plug sets for each tail light, and only one set plugs into each other. The other set won't plug together so I'll have to cut them off and hard wire to get the tail lights working. The operating manual is pretty good, but short on diagrams or photos.
I would give the machine 5 stars if someone had taken some time to write an assembly manual.